Goal Setting-Shooting For The Stars

Written by Willis Pope, IRAA Member

Goals are an important part of life, we all strive to accomplish or complete tasks daily. There are many different types of goals; the three major types that most people think of are long term, short term and lifelong. Goals also can be classified as financial, career, relationship, or fitness which can fall under any of the three major types of goals. Setting goals is important to do because they allow you to map out your desired path and if some unexpected event happens as is usual with life, you can accommodate and change your course of action. When setting goals, one can use a variety of tools from a daily planner, notebook, computer and many other options. Picking your tools for success is important but classifying your goals will help you stay organized and on task.
Classifying your goals is important, when choosing goals just remember the acronym S.M.A.R.T goals. Specific -with your goals allows you to ask yourself “what do you want to accomplish and why”. Measurable- are you able to keep track of your progression and tell when you have completed your goal. Achievable- goals should excite you to complete them however they should be in your current ability. Realistic- set goals that are positive and affirmative affect your other goals set. Timely- goals with deadlines can set a sense of urgency and can give you the energy you need to complete said goal by the deadline. Short term goals are the goals you want to complete soon. This could mean the goal could take you a week, a month or even a year to complete. A group of common short-term goals usually make or complete a long-term goal you have set as well. A long-term goal is typically a goal that is accomplished within a couple years’ time span this can be anywhere from 2 to 5 years. For example, graduating from school or saving to buy a house are long-term goals. Finally, life time goals are goals that are continuously growing and changing as much as the person who is making the goals. These goals are meant to keep you motivated and inspired to keep improving and grow as a person. A major key to finishing your goals is organization, there are many different types of tools that can help you stay organized so your goals can stay on track.

Having the right tools can make any job easier and more efficient. When it comes to making goals there’s an excess number of tools at ones fingertips. These tools can vary from complex apps on your phone or as simple as buying a notebook and creating your own organizer. When deciding what tools, you want to use to keep track of your goals there are a few things to keep in mind. One is the cost of your supplies. There are plenty of websites and tutorial videos on the internet that can explain how to make organizers, some sites will even have copies you can print off and try. The second thing to remember when choosing your tools for organization is to decide how complex you want your design to be. For example, you can go with a simple approach of just a daily organizer with a calendar and just keep bullet points. I would suggest if this is your first time doing these types of projects keep it simple and tweak it to your liking. More complex organizers can be found online and can break down things by days of the week and even hours in the day. These organizers are nice for long term goals they can help you plan your day and even your week all hour by hour if you so choose. Finally, the last thing to think about when picking out your tools is to have fun. There isn’t one right way to make a planner or organizer, so try a few to start and customize to your liking and to fit the goals you want to achieve.
I hope this has helped you find a way to organize your goals and stay motivated to achieve them. Just remember that everyone’s goals are different and takes everyone a different amount of time to finish or complete. Also remember that its ok to fail that is how we learn and grow as individuals. Lastly life is a giant puzzle and you have all the pieces to it and setting goals will help you find the right pieces for you to be successful in anything you set your mind to. In conclusion goals difficulty and time span varies from person to person. However if you stay focused and determined they are all accomplishable. Second there are many options to choose to help you stay on track so play with the examples you like and create one that caters to your needs. Finally have fun and be creative and never give up on your goals.

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