Southern Vice-President

2016-2017 Southern Vice-President Samuel Ramirez

College/Chapter: John A. Logan College/Upsilon Pi Chapter

Five Fast Facts:

  1. I love everything about history, the stories, the people, pretty much everything.
  2. I could spend hours in the art museums, history museum, or any Smithsonian.
  3. I have a huge assortment of bow ties, colorful bow ties.
  4. I learned how to sew about 2 years ago, my first project was a purse.
  5. I was a boxer once, but getting hit in the face is not fun, which is why I stopped.

My Phi Theta Kappa Story: My Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) story started last fall, it was around September in my Eastern Civilization class and this girl, a Phi Theta Kappan named Emily Buetow, asked me if I had heard about Phi Theta Kappa before class one day. Of course, I had seen the email and that membership was EXPENSIVE which was not cool with me. She asked if I wanted to come to one of the meetings and after a couple weeks of asking, I finally said yes.

Just a little bit about me, I’m a non-traditional student who started working right after graduating in 2007. I’ve typically worked in factories or physical labor jobs and wasn’t sure if I was going to be smart enough to even go back to school, so you can imagine what being in a room full of nerds felt like for me, lol. I get to the meeting and wow these nerds were actually cool!!! Also they were in the middle of discussing their Honors in Action (HIA) project and did a great job of catching me up to speed. After a few weeks at the meetings and an orientation I was sold! I almost immediately jumped into helping with fundraisers and hangouts and got to know these nerdy folks which became really good friends. Later that semester, I became a chapter officer and started to delve deeper into all that PTK has to offer. I had such a good time being involved with HIA and College Project that I knew I wanted to continue with PTK. This is what eventually led me to run for a regional officer position. I love that Phi Theta Kappa recognizes the academic achievements of students and gives us opportunity for self-development, which is what I would like to help build upon this next year as Southern Vice President.

My Favorite Phi Theta Kappa Moment (So Far): Even though I have greatly enjoyed all of the Regional and International training that I’ve taken part in, I would have to say my favorite moments of Phi Theta Kappa have to be my chapter’s Pizza Day fundraiser. As an incoming member, it was the thing that got me hooked. All these really cool people coming together to sell pizza every Wednesday; talk about a great community building time! It was there that I got to know my fellow officers better and often that led to us hanging out after the fundraisers were over. I even learned how to crochet at one of these events; greatest PTK moment so far!

Favorite Quote Related To This Year’s Honors Study Topic:

“Unfortunately, when choosing how to live or move, most of us are not as free as we think. Our options are strikingly limited, and they are defined by the planners, engineers, politicians, architects, marketers, and land speculators who imprint their own values on the urban landscape.”

― Charles Montgomery, Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design